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Nike Dunk Low Triple Pink PS

Nike Dunk Low Triple Pink PS

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Coming in hot-pink is the Nike Dunk Low Triple Pink now available in Pre-school sizes! This vibrant dunk has three shades of pink. The lighter shade covers the base while the overlays are preformed with a more hot-pink. While the sole is finished off with a light pink design.
Nike have brought back this 80’s shoe for a new generation to appreciate, it includes ankle padding, rubber sole and leather build to the classic shape and feel.

The Pre-school sizes range from: UK 10, UK 10.5, UK 11, UK 11.5, UK 12, UK 12.5, UK 1, UK 1.5, UK 2, UK 2.5.

The Nike Dunk Low fits true to size, we recommend you to remain with your true shoe size. In our store at Highcross Shopping Centre we allow try-ons.

We can source all sizes in this Pre-school section for you, please just enquire on our website to create an order. This can be done through instagram as-well : @solsneaks

Shipping & Returns

Here at Solsneaks we do not take refunds or exchanges in store, We accept exchanges online. Unfortunately due to the nature of this industry we are unable to offer any refunds or exchanges.

We ensure that we have gone over and beyond to make sure our customers are fully satisfied with their purchase.

Because the products we sell are of extremely high value and are highly sought after, if returned back to us the value of this shoe will decrease. There is also an enhanced chance of the shoes being returned to us as ungenuine. Therefore to protect our business's integrity and our future customers we are unable to offer any refunds or exchanges. 

We will always be on hand to provide assistance with sizing and fittings. If we were unable to have your size in stock we then offer our sourcing scheme, however, before purchasing or ordering in your size we make sure it fits to you perfectly.

Please feel free to reach out to us and our team will be more then happy to assist you with any enquires you may have. 

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